AllWebMenus Sliding Menu Add-in

AllWebMenus Sliding Menu Add-in 1.0

Through the Sliding Menu Add-in, you can create menus with sliding submenus
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With the AllWebMenus Sliding Menu Add-in, you can create stylish menus with sliding submenus, otherwise known as "slide menus", "expandable menus", "collapsible menus" or "accordion menus".
The AllWebMenus Sliding Menu Add-in will enable you to design sliding menus meaning the subgroup will "hide" when not needed and will "appear" when necessary. In a user friendly way, you can create your web menus and set the submenu group to appear either as "drop-down" (non-sliding, standard menu mode) or as "sliding" (slide menu effect mode).

If selected to appear as "sliding", the sliding submenu group will push the items of its parent group downwards when opening and in the same manner, it will pull items upwards when it closes. You can easily define the settings for a specific sliding submenu group, such as:
· Appearance: You can set the display relative to "Left or Right Bottom Corner of Parent Item" or "Center Bottom of Parent Item".
· Item indentation: You can set the display indent to the number of pixels you prefer.
· Margin: You can set the margin (top, bottom, left, right) of the submenu group.
· If a specified submenu group is wider than its parent, then you can set for it to "shrink to fit"
· If a specified submenu group is narrower than its parent, then you can set for it to "stretch to fit"

You can also specify settings which will apply to all sliding groups (menu-wide), such as:
· You can set the "Remember the menu state" (expanded/collapsed) option so that the menu retains the open submenus and the selected item when browsing through different pages
· You can set for the page content to be pushed (or pulled) when sliding menus appear (or disappear). This option is effective only when you position your menu relative to a page element or image. It is important to note that you can have a menu that contains both drop down submenus and sliding submenus.

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